Health Issues Linked to Food

Food intolerances/sensitivities  can be the source of a myriad of health issues ranging from gastrointestinal, to joint problems,  sinus issues,   and emotional problems,  and lack of energy.  Food intolerances usually develop after years of exposure to particular antigen.   What happens is that the gastrointestinal tract allows partially digested food particles  (proteins, carbohydrates,  fats) to be absorbed into the blood stream and the body recognizes these substances as foreign,  and starts to react to the  foreign substances over time.   Where the person  experiences the problem varies from person to person .   Some  feel it in the sinuses,  some get chronic headaches,  some get abdominal pain and bloating,  others may get joint pain and muscle aches.   By   identifying the food that is causing the problem,   one can then start to feel better,  although it does take a few months to clear these reactions from the  system.    Most will feel significantly better within about 3 months,  which in the long run wiill reduce the cost of seeing the doctor regularly and will reduce the number of sick days taken off work, and also reduce grocery bills by eliminating the foods that cause problems.   Plus there would be less need for medications to handle the symptoms that are now improved.   For example,  fewer medications for sinus problems,  headaches,  acid reflux,  fibromyalgia,  arthritis,  asthma,  etc would be needed.

Dr. Rachel Yankama – VoiceAmerica: Interview with Mr. Zavik, CEO of ImmunoLabs

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