Advantages of breast feeding

Now that you have delivered the baby, and your bundle of joy is in your arms, eventually he or she will need to be fed. Currently there are two popular methods for feeding the baby——nature’s own breast milk, or formula presented to the baby in a bottle. This is really a personal decision, and you have to feel comfortable with your decision. There are advantages (and disadvantages) to each approach, so you will need to make up your own mind.
First, we will discuss breast feeding. The advantages of breast feeding include: 1) a ready-made supply, there is no mixing involved; 2) it is always warm, so you do not have to spend time warming the milk up before feedings; 3) it promotes bonding to occur between you and your child; 4) it usually suppresses ovulation (and your periods) so that you will not have a period while you are consistently breast feeding–however, protection against pregnancy is still imperative as it is possible to get pregnant while breast feeding; 5) as the demand for milk increases, there is a natural response to produce more milk; 6) the extra calories burned to produce the milk may help you loose some of the weight that you gained during pregnancy; and finally, 7) colostrum, or first milk formed , is high in immune factors that are important to help prevent bowel infections in the newborn. You may think that with so many advantages, that breast feeding is the ideal method. But, there are some disadvantages, and these are…

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