Balancing Work, Family and Play

What many people struggle to do is to balance the time spent at work with the time spent with the family, and with having fun,  and with figuring out ways to deal with the stressors of everyday life.    Here are some stress relievers:
  1. church—being involved,  learning how to forgive, letting  go of resentments and grudges,  (as these have been found to be very toxic to your health and well being, and associated with auto-immune disorders,  arthritis,  fibromyalgia, lupus, and cancer),  and being connected to a family of faith,
  2. hobbies  (movies, books, sports, vacations, collections, music, etc.),
  3. laughter– good jokes  (“laughter is the best medicine”)  People who are happy get better faster,
  4. goals—important to know what you ‘d like to achieve in your life time—what is important to you,
  5. being close to your  family,
  6. pets—now being used in hospitals as therapy,
  7. friends—doing things together defuses stress,
  8. taking a good vitamin and herbal supplement, which includes Magnesium,  potassium, B-complex, calcium,  kava root, ginseng root, gotu kola,  rhodiola, and Vitamin D 3,
  9. Other stress relievers include meditation,   deep breathing techniques such as with yoga and Tai Chi,  or  visualization techniques that put your mind in a calm and peaceful place.

Of course it goes without saying that having the right attitude also facilitates that process of dealing with stress.    Having a positive attitude begins the process,  studies have shown that people with positive attitudes get better faster, and heal faster when they are ill. You can decide to be happy and successful.  “Adversity is the breeding ground for miracles—winning begins between the ears.”  said Cathi Almquist,  a successful home business owner.   So think on positive things,  declare the positive,  you decide.  What you think about in your mind  will occur,  you can direct your future to some degree.

Sleep deprivation is one of the sources of poor memory, poor energy,  depression,  stress and hormone imbalance.   It is important to get sufficient hours of sleep besides sufficient quality of sleep .   Sleep apnea also contributes to   sleep deprivation and chronic fatigue,  and fibromyalgia.   If your partner is telling you that you snore a lot at night,  then you may want to contact your doctor to get tested for sleep apnea.   People with sleep apnea actually stop breathing while they are asleep and then wake up sufficiently to start breathing again, but not to realize that they have woken up.   This can happen many times during the night, so by morning  when the person gets up, he/she feels like they haven’t slept.  Also it is important to sleep in a totally dark room,  so people that sleep during the day are not getting as restful a sleep.  Getting sufficient hours of sleep definitely helps you deal with stessors  better,  helps your metabolism, and helps with staying younger.
Vitamins that help a person handle their stress level better  include:   Pantothenic acid,  which is considered to be the  anti-stress vitamin,  and usually included in the B-Complex vitamins and also in the Arbonne Essentials for Men and Women.   It is also ideal for depression,  for  fighting  allergies and migraines,  beneficial in the maintenance of healthy skin, muscles and nerves, and used as  an anti-aging vitamin.   The Hybrids contain 500% of the  Recommended Daily Value.  Another vitamin that is important to have in sufficient quantities is Vitamin D3.  If you do not get enough sunshine,  then you have to use a supplement.   Normally Vitamin  D3 is made in the skin once the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light  and a person  needs at least 20 minutes of sun exposure during the middle of the day when the ultraviolet  rays are more concentrated  (between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm).   And as most of us are not out in the sun,  or there is minimal  sun (like in Michigan, due to cloud cover),   supplementation is necessary.     Vitamin  D 3 has been found to help reduce depression,  breast cancer,   does help to keep your bones stronger,  and helps the body function better in multiple ways.  To get these vitamins,  go to
Live long and live strong  for the people you love!
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