Cancer Prevention

Did you know that there are tools to reduce your chances of developing cancer even if there is a family history of cancer?  There are foods that reduce cancer risk, including ground flax seed,  ground chia seed, cabbage (especially sauerkraut),  grapefruit,  onions,  garlic,  broccoli, legumes, sprouts in general, increased fiber,   whole grains,   organic foods that do not have  a lot of  petrochemicals on them,   Brussels sprouts, collard greens,  pumpkin, butternut squash, kale,  spinach, sweet potatoes, olives,  certain mushrooms,  raspberries, and other deeply colored fruits such as cherries, blackberries, blueberries, mangosteen, and strawberries,  increasing pure water intake and limiting exposure to Bisphenol A found in plastic containers.  Also eliminating toxins that a person gets exposed to helps to reduce the risk.  Formaldehyde,   carbon tetrachloride (dry-cleaning agents), DDT,  benzene,  petrochemicals  derived from microwaving food in plastic or Styrofoam containers have all been connected to cancer.  These chemical get stored in the fat cells and then can be released later to cause problems.

Studies show that adding lentils  (at least 1/2 cup)  to the diet twice a week have been associated with decreasing the risk of breast cancer.   The  thought behind this is that lentils contain substances that are antioxidants and have not only a lot of fiber  (which helps to clear toxins out of the system),  but also they are high in protein and iron.  In addition they are low in the glycemic index .   So add lentils to soups and and add lentil sprouts to salads.  On the converse,  diets high in carbohydrates,  and high sugar have a 283% higher risk for breast cancer  (Dr. John Lee).

Also drinking lost of fresh pure water helps to eliminate toxic chemicals from the body.  But it has to be pure water.  Our public water supply is loaded with all kinds of toxins including arsenic, uranium, lead,  tetrachloroethylene,  radium,  along with small quantities of drugs.   So you may want to look at getting a good water filter for your home.
In addition, green tea has been found to reverse cervical dysplasia,  a precancerous condition caused by the Human Papilloma Virus.  According to the European Journal of Cancer Prevention a recent study involving 88 women with cervical dysplasia revealed that green tea was able to decrease or completely eliminate this precancerous condition in 69% of them.
It is also very  important to quit smoking for those who do smoke.   Smoking increases the risk of cancer (many kinds–including lung, kidney, bladder, cervical, oral,  and throat cancer),   heart disease, asthma, lung diseases of many kinds, and osteoporosis.


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