Dear Doctor: What about Permanent Birth Control Methods?

What methods of permanent  (not reversible)  methods of birth control are there?   There is really no such thing as a temporary sterilization procedure.  Sterilization implies  permanent.  (Of course there are people who have tried to reverse a sterilization procedure,  but the success rates of pregnancy after these reversals are widely variable.)    Temporary methods  are reversible by virtue of being temporary–see my blog on temporary methods.   Examples of  permanent methods are laparoscopic sterilization,   hysteroscopic Essure placement (for women),   and vasectomy ( for men).  Laparoscopic  sterilization requires  1 or 2 small incisions on the abdomen;   hysteroscopic  Essure placement does not require any incisions at all,  and vasectomy  can be done in the doctor’s office with local anesthesia.   Of  course there are pros and cons to each method,  so if you are looking into a permanent form  of birth control, your doctor should answer  these questions for you including failure rates,  complications,  anesthesia  required, time required to be off activities following the procedure,  etc.

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