Exercise recommendations–how much, when,  what kinds?  Exercise is loaded with all kinds of health benefits on sleep, moods, hormones, metabolism, bowel function, bones and more.

The  exercise   should consist of  aerobic exercise, alternated with a weight program.   If you are not used to exercise,  it is wise to start in slowly and gradually increase the intensity of the exercise.       Great   aerobic exercises include  walking,  swimming,  elliptical machines,   air walkers,  and jogging.   In fact a very easy program for many people to just get started   is the 10,000 steps program.   With this program, you wear a pedometer all day long which will count up all of your steps.    By the end of the day,  if you haven’t gone 10,000 steps,  then you go for a walk in your neighborhood  (or some safe location if your neighborhood is not safe),  to complete the 10,000 steps.  For people  who  are sedentary,  this alone will help to boost the metabolism to start loosing weight.   Aerobic exercise for at least 20 to 30 min 3-4 times per week is ideal.   If you start with a slow walk,  increase over time to a more brisk walk,  and include hills  rather than the entire walk being on a level surface.

The reason a weight program needs to be added is that this really helps to keep your bones stronger and works better in regards to boosting the metabolism  as it builds muscle.   Muscle burns more calories per min than does fat.   Your goal does not have to be to look like the most popular body builder,  but to improve your own strength.    20 minutes 3 times per week at least should be your goal.   As your strength builds, then you increase the amount of the weights that are used.   Start with a small amount of weights  if you haven’t used weights before.   In fact, you do not need to spend a fortune on exercise equipment–you can use simple objects  such as canned foods,    laundry detergent bottles,  etc,  as your weights.   Gradually increase the weights.

Regular exercise has been found to help people sleep better,   is very good stress reliever,  and  works  better as an antidepressant  than many of the prescription anti-depressant drugs.   Plus it has been shown that people who exercise regularly stay younger and have better mental clarity.   Bowel function is improved and is a way to help keep the hormones balanced.

Of course if you have health concerns  then you should check with your physician first about the exercise program and what would be safe for you to start.

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