Financial Freedom

Is financial freedom possible in today’s  economy?  Do you have to have your own business to make it work?   What should you look for in a company before you decide to be involved in it as a business?
You’ll want to look for a company that has been in business for a long time;   secondly,  the products that  you sell should be consumable  so that your customers will want to order from you again and again.   Thirdly,  you will want a company that you do not have to invest a large amount either in franchise fees or in stock that you have to carry on hand.   Fourthly,  you’ll want a company that has products   for all age groups:  young and old,   male and female,   health conscious and those who are new to trying to be healthier.   Fifthly,  you’ll want a company whose products are actually good for you to use and beneficial for your health rather than products that do not help you at all.    Finally for those that live in America,  promoting a company whose products are all made in America is a plus,  as it creates jobs for Americans.
Why Arbonne?    Arbonne has been around for 30 years,    it makes pure, botanical skin care and health/wellness products here in the United States.   It only takes $20 to join as a preferred client in order to get a 20% discount on the products,  or $79 to join  as a consultant in order to get a 35% discount on the products with a goal of a secondary business.    (There is flexibility in starting this as a part time job and building it sufficiently before going with it full time, and there are a couple of rules associated with being a consultant).    There are products for babies,  the young individual,   the person who wants to loose weight or improve their overall health with nutrition,   in addition there are products for older people as well.   There are anti-aging products for men and women,  an entire detox line  (Sea Source),   make-up and hormone balance,   plus nutritional support for the immune system, vitamins,   joint and heart formulas.  The products are all vegan,  which means that vegetarians can use the products, and people that have milk intolerance can use these products.   Their products do not have any mineral oil, or petroleum products, and   all the products are tested on human volunteers.  To hear from a successful home business owner,  click on this link: Dr. Rachel Yankama – VoiceAmerica: Interview with Carol Kirken
If this looks like a good fit for you,  you can join me @
What other company can you start up your own business with minimal start up costs ( from $20 to $79), and have the potential to move up to the top of the company in such a short time.   (Most of the time,  this is done on a part-time basis.)   Plus there is the tax advantage of your own home business.   In addition there is lots of support from your up-line, and training available on Arbonne University and the Learn and Burn series.  The process can be duplicated very easily.   What other company can you decide who you would like to work with?  You can recruit your friends and people that you enjoy working with and have fun with. The results will vary depending on how much work you put in to it, and to get that person who catches the vision of the possibilities in Arbonne,  it takes  having classes,  parties,   telling the Arbonne story.

But no matter what business you are in,  you will want to learn the most that you can about marketing and how to build your business.   One site that has helped me learn how to use the internet and feel more comfortable with the computer and that has offered a lot of FREE information (in the form of FREE e-books)  is: The 7 Great Lies of Networkmarketing and Marketers Manifesto, especially about attracting people to your business that are interested in what you are interested in,  rather than trying to convert people to your business that are not interested at all.

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