Hormone Balancing Continued

So is there a single step that a person can take that will help to balance hormones?   There is and it involves strength  training.   If you keep your muscles  stronger in the form of strength  training or resistance training,  it goes a long way to balancing your hormones,  keeping you healthier, younger, less likely to injure yourself in a fall because your balance will improve, and reduce your risk for metabolic syndrome and diabetes.    By strengthening your muscles   you also reduce your risk for osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.   I do not know if you have ever been in a nursing home,  but the majority of the people that you see there  are frail and have poor memory.   There  is a very strong  connection between strong bones and a decreased  risk for Alzheimer’s  and dementia.   And how do you get strong bones?   Number one activity is muscle  strengthening exercises.   You can start in easily with small hand weights and gradually increase what you do.  This  should be  2 -3  times per week.  If you are not sure how to start in,  trainers at a gym  can help you make an exercise plan that will fit your initial ability, and as you get stronger,  you can increase what you are doing.   Secondly, add in Vitamin D3,  Vitamin K2 (MK7),  and good multi-mineral supplement that includes Calcium, magnesium, boron, strontium, zinc . manganese,  copper,  and other trace elements.

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