Nonhormonal tips for menopause symptoms

One of the questions that I get  asked a lot is what can be  done to help hot flashes,  night sweats, and vaginal dryness (which is frequently associated with painful intercourse),   particularly in situations  where a person  either medically cannot use hormones , because there is a contraindication for it (such as a recent history of breast cancer, or a history  of clots in the legs  or pulmonary embolus),  or because they have elected not to use hormones for whatever reason.   There are several options  available  and the one that has been shown to decrease the severity of these symptoms  is the Omega 3′s.  A person can increase the amount of Omega 3′s that they ingest by including flax and chia seeds in the diet,  besides  taking it as a supplement.   Getting sufficient magnesium is helpful; and other  factors to consider are  dietary  triggers.   Sugar,  alcohol, and caffeine  are known triggers and so limiting these in the diet will help as well.   Also regular exercise has been shown to decrease the severity of hot flashes and night sweats,  besides the fact that regular exercise  also improves the sleep, which then generates a better sense of well-being.    For  vaginal dryness  both coconut  oil and olive  oil  work  well as vaginal lubricants.    Obviously, if someone has an allergy or sensitivity to either of these substances then they should not be used.

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