Studies show that people who are looking to improve  their health can get better results by increasing the amount of fiber and vegetables in their diet.  Almost all studies and plans promoted by top physicians, and nutritionists agree that it is important to increase the amount of fresh vegetables and sprouts in your diet (which also increases the fiber and the nutrients, and alkalinity of the diet), and limiting the amount of processed foods, sugars, and easily absorbed carbohydrates (which are low in fiber and high in acidity).  The suggestions that  follow  will be easy to implement and will have great benefits.   You will have more energy as well.   Buying the right foods does not need to be expensive.  Studies show that adding nuts to a  Mediterranean type  diet  helps to reduce the chances of developing metabolic syndrome more than just changing the diet to a Mediterranean style diet alone.

Plant Nutrients Prevent Disease
Cruciferous vegetables  including cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and Broccoli fight cancer.   Cruciferous means “cross bearer”because the flowers of cruciferous vegetables form the shape of a cross.   In 1992 Johns Hopkins discovered that broccoli sprouts  have been shown to reduce the risk of malignant cancer.

The  antioxidant protection of  green tea is 100 times more effective than Vitamin C.  The Chinese, who are large drinkers of green tea, have a 60% less chance of esophageal cancer.    In parts of Japan where people drink a lot of green tea,  there is a lower incidence of many types of cancers,    In a  study that took place in Japan, where 80 percent of the population drinks green tea,  they found over the span of 11 years, those who drank more tea were less likely to die of heart disease.  Epidemiologist Shinichi Kuriyama from Tohoki University  School of Medicine headed the study.  Arbonne Nutritional Products that contain Green Tea include:   1) Smart Nutritional Hybrids
(ORAC Complex- which has 400 mg Green Tea, quercetin, grape seed extract and rosemary extract),  2) Figure 8 NRGGO3!Fizzing Beverage Tablet,  also free of artificial sweeteners!  and 3) Figure 8®Going, Going, Gone! Dietary Supplement.

Do you have arthritis?   Well,   pomegranate fruit extracts can block enzymes that contribute to osteoarthritis, and slow the deterioration of human cartilage according to a Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine study.  Pomegranate fruit extracts are found in Smart Nutritional Hybrids,  made by Arbonne,   a Swiss company dedicated to providing healthy alternatives to many products  generally used by lots of people.

Elderberries Ward Off the FLU.   Elderberries destroy the ability of cold and flu viruses to infect a cell. A daily intake of elderberries will actually help you ward off colds and flu.   During the 1980s, Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu and Dr. Jean Linderman isolated two active constituents from elderberry.  Both of these constituents proved effective in fighting strains of influenza by rendering the viruses unable to replicate  themselves .  Arbonne’s  Smart Nutritional Hybrids have elderberries in them.

Look who takes supplements!   Harvard Medical School surveyed 1249 health care professionals and discovered 51% took herbal and nutritional supplements to ward off aging.   Data compiled from the U.S.D A indicates that almost half of the US population suffers  from a deficiency of at least one nutrient.

Rhodiola fights stress  and counteracts stress related fatigue, and enhances  stamina and work performance,  boosts mood and memory,  and promotes weight loss.    In one clinical trial 150 individuals suffering from depression took Rhodiola rosea extracts for a period of one month. At the end of that period two-thirds of them had full remission.   Rhodiola is found in:

  1. Arbonne’s Smart Nutritional Hybrids for Men and Teens,
  2. Figure 8 Weight Loss Chews,  and
  3. Figure 8 NRG Go3 Fizzing Beverage Tablet.

Want Strong Bones?   Arbonne has combined 4 types of calcium  into the   Women’s Hybrid formula  for optimal absorption.  Aquamin Trace  Mineral Complex-a natural calcium source rich in minerals and trace nutrients are obtained from the seaweed beds  found in the clear, pollution-free Atlantic waters off the west coast of Ireland.  Want TOTAL Protection?  Lycopene has been found to protect against prostate, cervix and prostatic cancers.   Researchers at Manchester and Newcastle universities in the UK studied twenty people for 12 weeks.   Those eating 3T. of tomato paste a day increased their ultraviolet rays protection by 33 percent while increasing their collagen levels.  Red bell pepper  also contains high levels of lycopene.   Bell pepper and Tomato Fruit Plus 500 mcg Lycopene  are found in the Arbonne’s  Smart Nutritional Hybrids.

It’s ALL about ABSORPTION:   Black Pepper extract promotes rapid absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract.    Hybrids have 13  different enzymes that act as catalysts  to break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the diet.   The Digestive Herbal Complex contains  Ginger, Chamomile, Fennel, Peppermint, Hawthorne.  You could spend up to $45.00 for a similar blend of herbs.  Arbonne’s Smart Nutritional Hybrids are available on my web site:

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