Osteoporosis Prevention–additional info

Did you know there are natural ways to help keep your bone stronger so that you do not have to rely on medications that have  penitential side effects?   Your  bones are made up of many minerals–not just calcium, so if you think that if you take calcium that that is enough, then you are probably mistaken.   Supplementation with just calcium is not enough.  Also  recent studies  have  indicated that taking  extra calcium beyond what you get in your diet actually increases your risk for calcium deposits in other places than your bones–such in the breasts  and in the blood vessels of the  heart–increasing your risk for heart disease.    1)  Supplementation should include  the whole panel of minerals including boron, strontium, magnesium,  phosphorous,  manganese, zinc, selenium,  chromium, and others.      2) Besides taking a good multi-mineral,  the second main   activity that helps keep your bones stronger is keeping your muscles stronger by strength training exercises.     3) Weight lifting  has been proven to strengthen the bones.    Vitamin D3  is  extreme important.   If you are not sure how much vitamin D3  to take, it is helpful to have your doctor check your vitamin D level.   You may see vitamin D2  at the store, but your body has to convert  vitamin D2  into vitamin D3 to be active,  so it is just better to get vitamin D3.   Normally your body can manufacture vitamin D2  once ultraviolet light from the sun acts on skin oils.    Then the vitamin D2 is converted in the  kidney to vitamin D3.    The majority of people do not get enough sunshine to get vitamin D levels into the range where there are multiple health benefits–including bone strength;  What else can you do?   4) The other supplement frequently  forgotten includes vitamin K2.   This vitamin is usually made  in the gut by certain bacteria  after the consumption of certain foods such as the dark green leafy veggies.    There are several varieties of vitamin K2, and the most beneficial form is the MK7  form.     Besides these tips, if you smoke it is very important to eliminate smoking, as this definitely has been found to weaken the bones.   Switching  to a more alkaline diet  (more fresh fruits and veggies and less processed foods)  has a beneficial effect on the bones;  and eliminating the acidic foods such as carbonated beverages,  caffeine,  high protein foods also helps the bones.  Please review my blog on acid-base balance for additional dietary tips on what  constitutes an acidic or alkaline food.

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