Osteoporosis Prevention

Why do you think we have such a big problem with osteoporosis in our country today?   Is it possible to prevent it from happening?   and without drugs?   I believe that the osteoporosis problem  began when Americans  began relying on fast foods and carbonated beverages for most of their nutritional needs—20-30 years ago,   so in order to prevent it,  we  (as a nation) will have to make a large diet overhaul!!  and then in another 20 years or so we’ll see the benefit of these changes in the nation.  However,  all is not lost,  each individual can impact the chance of osteoporosis developing by making dietary changes and adding regular exercise.

Osteoporosis affects   millions of Americans every year and the number is increasing.  The estimate is that there are at least 8 million women in the US and 2 million men with osteoporosis, and there may be as many as 3 new hip fractures occurring per min.   When  someone then develops a hip fracture because of the osteoporosis,  this then creates a significant amount of disability.    Instead of leading independent lives,  people end out needing to be reliant on  family,  friends or even having to live in an assisted living facility.

Most commonly the points that are discussed by the doctor with you to reduce risks include getting sufficient calcium,  (at least 1500 mg / day),   magnesium  (at least 500 mg/day),  and  Vitamin D-3 (at least 1000- IU  /day).   also included in this discussion is the importance of regular exercise specifically  weight bearing exercises,   and eliminating smoking,   and alcohol.    However,  what is missing is the fact that there has to be a BIG  change in the  diet so that people stop relying on the fast foods,  carbonated beverages,  caffeine,  and the processed foods for their daily nutritional needs.   These foods tend to be very acidic  (including the whole milk line)  which then leaches calcium out of the bones in order to neutralize the  acid in the blood stream.   The diet should be at least 80 %  alkaline   (which is fresh vegetables, and sprouts),   and then you’ll find that the bones will get stronger.

The other point that is lacking in the discussion is the role of natural progesterone.   All of the  situations where people are at higher risk for osteoporosis are situations where there is low progesterone   ( menopause,   amenorrheic conditions such as poly-cystic ovaries,   bulimia,   anorexia,  and amenorrhea due to other anovulatory conditions).   Progesterone has been shown to be one of the hormones that builds bone,  the other is testosterone.   Estrogen keeps bones from weakening,   but does not actually build bone.  The Standard American Diet  or (SAD)  is really that–sad.   It is filled with a lot of non-nutritive products that  contribute to rapid aging,  diabetes,  hypertension,  chronic fatigue syndrome,  osteoporosis,    cancer  and a whole lot of other medical problems.   Change the diet and prevent a good proportion of these conditions.     Even the mid-west reliance on   a typical “meat and potatoes”  diet   promotes diabetes.     Granted there are some problems that are genetic,  but environment and diet can definitely modify how the genetics gets expressed.

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