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Exercise, Travel, Nutrition, and Work (During Pregnancy)

A conglomeration of questions can arise about exercise, sex, travel, work, and nutrition during pregnancy. These are current health issues, even for women who are not pregnant, and basic principles apply. We will deal with each of these topics in order. In general, during pregnancy it is safe to continue most exercise programs that you … Read More

Second Trimester: Time for a lot of Fetal Growth

The second trimester is the time for a lot of growth in the fetus. The likelihood of miscarriage has dropped almost out of the picture and the possibility of premature labor has not really started peeking over the horizon. This trimester is usually marked by an improved sense of well-being, less fatigue, more energy, much … Read More

Advantages of breast feeding

Now that you have delivered the baby, and your bundle of joy is in your arms, eventually he or she will need to be fed. Currently there are two popular methods for feeding the baby——nature’s own breast milk, or formula presented to the baby in a bottle. This is really a personal decision, and you … Read More