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Dear Doctor: What about Temporary Birth Control Methods?

One of my readers wrote in asking about temporary birth control methods. Temporary birth-control methods fall into two categories: hormonal and non-hormonal. The hormonal reversible methods include birth control pills, patches, rings, hormonal IUD, and implants. The first three are short acting, and the last two are long acting (5 years for the Mirena IUD, … Read More

Temporary and Permanent Birth Control Options

There are temporary and permanent methods available to men and women.   Of the temporary methods there are hormonal and non-hormonal methods available.   The non-hormonal methods include:   condoms, diaphragms, sponges,  withdrawal methods, cervical caps,   non-hormonal  IUDs,  and    rhythm methods.   Hormonal methods that are reversible  (temporary)  include:     birth control pills,  plan B,   birth control patches,  … Read More

Contraceptive Options

Birth control options–what is best for you?   Pills?   Patches?  Rings?  IUDs?  Permanent forms?  or Temporary methods?   What works and what is not as effective.  we’ll go over pros and cons of each method.