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Well, with what is going on in the world today,  you want to stay as healthy as possible and to keep the nasty bugs away from yourself and your family,  right?    So in today’s blog, I would like to give you a few tips on what you can do to stay healthy.    In … Read More

The Importance of Protein

Do you get enough proteins in your diet,  how do you figure out how much you should be getting,  and what is the best source of proteins?    There are 21 amino acids that make up all the protein that you need for immunity  (important in today’s day and age of  Covid),   healing,  muscle strength, … Read More

Dear Doctor: What about Chromium?

One of my readers wrote in and asked about chromium. Chromium is a supplement that has been found to improve insulin sensitivity. This supplement improves a person’s ability to manage their blood sugar. Chromium helps keep the sugar under control by improving insulin’s effect at the cell level to transport glucose into the cell, removing … Read More

Is avocado an acid or base?

Avocado is an alkaline food, so it’s a base, as are most fruits and vegetables.  Avocados are very good for you, because of the fiber content and nutritional profile.  And they taste great! (even though my son hates them for some unknown reason).  But I eat them almost every day. Really there aren’t many foods … Read More

Exercise, Travel, Nutrition, and Work (During Pregnancy)

A conglomeration of questions can arise about exercise, sex, travel, work, and nutrition during pregnancy. These are current health issues, even for women who are not pregnant, and basic principles apply. We will deal with each of these topics in order. In general, during pregnancy it is safe to continue most exercise programs that you … Read More

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