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Hormone Balancing Continued

So is there a single step that a person can take that will help to balance hormones?   There is and it involves strength  training.   If you keep your muscles  stronger in the form of strength  training or resistance training,  it goes a long way to balancing your hormones,  keeping you healthier, younger, less … Read More

Exercise, Travel, Nutrition, and Work (During Pregnancy)

A conglomeration of questions can arise about exercise, sex, travel, work, and nutrition during pregnancy. These are current health issues, even for women who are not pregnant, and basic principles apply. We will deal with each of these topics in order. In general, during pregnancy it is safe to continue most exercise programs that you … Read More


Exercise recommendations–how much, when,  what kinds?  Exercise is loaded with all kinds of health benefits on sleep, moods, hormones, metabolism, bowel function, bones and more. The  exercise   should consist of  aerobic exercise, alternated with a weight program.   If you are not used to exercise,  it is wise to start in slowly and gradually increase … Read More