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Covid update #-6

How can you find out what is in the vaccine to know if you might be allergic to some component?  Well the following article gives a list of the ingredients for the Pfizer vaccine.  Check out the link.   Covid 19 vaccine

Covid update #5

Are you planning on getting the covid vaccine?   If so,  you do need to stop a couple of medications (specifically your anti-inflammatory medications)  a few days before getting the vaccine as these medications may reduce the efficacy of the vaccine.   See the article about it here.  Vaccines.   Also if you have severe allergic reactions,  or … Read More

Cadmium ( a toxin) and immunity

As I have reported before,  toxins have  a huge effect on a person’s  overall health and immunity, and here is a study from the University of Michigan that shows a definite link between higher levels a cadmium ( a contaminant in the environment, found on food but most commonly in cigarettes) and a higher fatality … Read More

Covid-19 update #4

HI there everyone,  Michigan is ramping up on getting the vaccine out to more people.  Beginning 1/11/2021 people over 65  will be able to get the vaccine .   Please read the following article from the Michigan State Medical Society:   Covid -19 vaccine


I found an interesting article about vaccinations and how the additives in the vaccine,  such as aluminum  may actually cause more problems than the vaccine itself, particularly in promoting auto-immune disorders of which there are many and the list is growing longer.    Unfortunately,  we may not know if this toxic metal is in the … Read More

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