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COVID-19 update

Hi everyone,  I know that you are probably tired of hearing about COVID, especially since we are now on the 5th wave and new variants are popping up all the time.  Apparently the new Omicron variant is highly contagious,  however, with a much  lower fatality rate.   What can you do to protect yourself?   First and … Read More


Well, with what is going on in the world today,  you want to stay as healthy as possible and to keep the nasty bugs away from yourself and your family,  right?    So in today’s blog, I would like to give you a few tips on what you can do to stay healthy.    In … Read More

The Importance of Protein

Do you get enough proteins in your diet,  how do you figure out how much you should be getting,  and what is the best source of proteins?    There are 21 amino acids that make up all the protein that you need for immunity  (important in today’s day and age of  Covid),   healing,  muscle strength, … Read More

Covid update #-6

How can you find out what is in the vaccine to know if you might be allergic to some component?  Well the following article gives a list of the ingredients for the Pfizer vaccine.  Check out the link.   Covid 19 vaccine

Covid update #5

Are you planning on getting the covid vaccine?   If so,  you do need to stop a couple of medications (specifically your anti-inflammatory medications)  a few days before getting the vaccine as these medications may reduce the efficacy of the vaccine.   See the article about it here.  Vaccines.   Also if you have severe allergic reactions,  or … Read More

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