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Covid-19 update #4

HI there everyone,  Michigan is ramping up on getting the vaccine out to more people.  Beginning 1/11/2021 people over 65  will be able to get the vaccine .   Please read the following article from the Michigan State Medical Society:   Covid -19 vaccine


I found an interesting article about vaccinations and how the additives in the vaccine,  such as aluminum  may actually cause more problems than the vaccine itself, particularly in promoting auto-immune disorders of which there are many and the list is growing longer.    Unfortunately,  we may not know if this toxic metal is in the … Read More

Covid-19 update #3

Now that the vaccine is starting to be available,  what are the potential side effects of the vaccine?   This is discussed in a recent article you can access here.   Covid-19 vaccine

Covid-19 update #2

Hey everyone, there is new at home test that has been authorized for use by anyone and apparently the results take only about 20 min.   See this article from the NY Times.  Covid-19

COVID-19 update

This is just a quick note to let everyone know about the upcoming distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.   Here is a link  that provides additional information:   Covid-19 vaccine.