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Skin health, acne and more

Hey there everyone!   Today’s topic  is skin health.  Who does not want clearer skin, fewer blemishes,  fewer rashes, or  fewer wrinkles?   Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of the body?    And it is involved in a lot of the processes that go along in the body including protecting you from … Read More

Nonhormonal tips for menopause symptoms

One of the questions that I get  asked a lot is what can be  done to help hot flashes,  night sweats, and vaginal dryness (which is frequently associated with painful intercourse),   particularly in situations  where a person  either medically cannot use hormones , because there is a contraindication for it (such as a recent … Read More

Hormone Balancing Continued

So is there a single step that a person can take that will help to balance hormones?   There is and it involves strength  training.   If you keep your muscles  stronger in the form of strength  training or resistance training,  it goes a long way to balancing your hormones,  keeping you healthier, younger, less … Read More

How Can You Tell If Your Hormones Out Of Balance?

How can you tell if your hormones are out of balance and why is it important to have your hormones in balance?   These are two questions that I get asked a lot.    Sometimes hormone imbalances  can be very subtle and require  appropriate  testing in order to determine whether they are out of balance. … Read More

Hormone Balancing Doctors

What kind of doctor do you go to for Hormone Balancing? Probably you’d want to see an “enlightened OB/GYN”, like me! (hahah ).  Or google for anti-aging specialist/doctors around you.  If you cannot find one nearby, perhaps a physician specializing in “healthy lifestyles” or ask your primary care physician if they know of someone in … Read More

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