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The Importance of Protein

Do you get enough proteins in your diet,  how do you figure out how much you should be getting,  and what is the best source of proteins?    There are 21 amino acids that make up all the protein that you need for immunity  (important in today’s day and age of  Covid),   healing,  muscle strength, … Read More

Osteoporosis Prevention–additional info

Did you know there are natural ways to help keep your bone stronger so that you do not have to rely on medications that have  penitential side effects?   Your  bones are made up of many minerals–not just calcium, so if you think that if you take calcium that that is enough, then you are probably … Read More

Hormone Balancing Continued

So is there a single step that a person can take that will help to balance hormones?   There is and it involves strength  training.   If you keep your muscles  stronger in the form of strength  training or resistance training,  it goes a long way to balancing your hormones,  keeping you healthier, younger, less … Read More

Osteoporosis Prevention

Why do you think we have such a big problem with osteoporosis in our country today?   Is it possible to prevent it from happening?   and without drugs?   I believe that the osteoporosis problem  began when Americans  began relying on fast foods and carbonated beverages for most of their nutritional needs—20-30 years ago,   so in order … Read More