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toxins and their effects

We are practically “swimming” in toxins in our current  environment,  mainly because of all the chemicals being used to kill bugs,  make products that we use every day and  to make food last longer and stay “fresher” longer,  besides what  is in the air,  the water, and our food supply.   Toxins are in the clothes … Read More

Toxins–where do they come from?

In this life that we live,  we do get exposed to many products on a daily basis.  Whether something gets categorized as a toxin depends on its effect on the body.   Sometimes the effect is not always noticed immediately, and sometimes it is.  For example,  if a person ate spoiled food,  pretty soon that … Read More


There is a really cool short clip about toxins in the cosmetic industry,   about 8 minutes  long;  I would urge you to view it before you purchase all those chemicals to be applied to the skin.   Click on the link to the side of the page titled:  “The Story of Cosmetics”.