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Covid update #-6

How can you find out what is in the vaccine to know if you might be allergic to some component?  Well the following article gives a list of the ingredients for the Pfizer vaccine.  Check out the link.   Covid 19 vaccine


Today’s post is to to help with keeping you healthy in the current pandemic of the Covid-19.     Well, you have heard the mantra–wear a mask,  stay at least  6 feet away from others ( it may be that this should really be 12-20 feet instead of 6),  wash your hands often  with soap and … Read More

Toxins-Can You Get Rid of Them?

In my last post  I reviewed  where we get exposed to toxins  and why it is important to reduce one’s  exposure to them as much as possible.   There is a connection between toxin exposure  as a fetus  and to lower IQ levels in children.   These toxins are  the chemicals found in food,  cleaning … Read More

Dear Doctor: What about Permanent Birth Control Methods?

What methods of permanent  (not reversible)  methods of birth control are there?   There is really no such thing as a temporary sterilization procedure.  Sterilization implies  permanent.  (Of course there are people who have tried to reverse a sterilization procedure,  but the success rates of pregnancy after these reversals are widely variable.)    Temporary methods … Read More

This is my first post

Hello, eat healthy.  Include lots of veggies in your diet!   Especially sprouts!