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Toxins-Can You Get Rid of Them?

In my last post  I reviewed  where we get exposed to toxins  and why it is important to reduce one’s  exposure to them as much as possible.   There is a connection between toxin exposure  as a fetus  and to lower IQ levels in children.   These toxins are  the chemicals found in food,  cleaning … Read More

Dear Doctor: What about Permanent Birth Control Methods?

What methods of permanent  (not reversible)  methods of birth control are there?   There is really no such thing as a temporary sterilization procedure.  Sterilization implies  permanent.  (Of course there are people who have tried to reverse a sterilization procedure,  but the success rates of pregnancy after these reversals are widely variable.)    Temporary methods … Read More

This is my first post

Hello, eat healthy.  Include lots of veggies in your diet!   Especially sprouts!