Dr. Rachel Yankama – VoiceAmerica: A Doctor’s Guide to Toxins, Interview with Jordan Rubin

Dr. Rachel Yankama – VoiceAmerica: A Doctor’s Guide to Toxins, Part II

Also removing toxins from the body improves one’s overall health.    There are many ways to do this.   In 1904, the famous French biologist Rene Quinton demonstrated that seawater and human blood plasma shared identical nutrient ratios.  Today we know that Sea Vegetables help alkalize and purify the blood, and Sea Botanicals transform toxic metals into harmless salts that the body can eliminate.  Toxic Metals?  What do they do?
Do you experience:

  1. Headaches,
  2. Fatigue,
  3. Bloating feeling,
  4. Irritability,
  5. Depression,
  6. Mood swings,
  7. Low energy,
  8. Insomnia,
  9. Feeling out of breath,
  10. Having outbursts of anger.

All of these symptoms were reported by  Toxic Element  Research Foundation in Colorado by 1320 patients to be toxic with heavy metals. Where do these toxins come from?
Amalgam dental fillings contain 50% mercury.  Fish contains mercury.  Vaccinations  have a mercury based preservative in them.   Pesticides on fruits and vegetables contain heavy metals and petrochemicals.   Industrial and Vehicle emissions  contain lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium.   Drinking water contains aluminum, pesticides,  chlorine, and other chemicals.   Crematoriums emit a large amount of mercury from amalgams in corpses.   And this is  just the tip of the iceberg.  The skin absorbs up to 60% of what is  put on it in the form of lotions, creams,   solutions, soaps etc,  usually in less than 1 minute.   According to the Health Sciences Institute you absorb more chlorine in a 10 min shower than you do by drinking an 64 oz  of water.

External signs of sluggish liver:

  1. Coated tongue,
  2. Bad breath,
  3. Flushed facial appearance or excessive facial blood vessels,
  4. Acne,
  5. Psoriasis,
  6. Eczema,
  7. Oily skin,
  8. Rosacea,
  9. Yellow conjunctiva on the eyes,
  10. red swollen itchy eyes,
  11. Dark circles under the eyes,
  12. Brownish spots and blemishes (liver spots),
  13. Rashes and itchy skin,  and
  14. The inability to lose weight.

How do toxins get removed from the body?  The get removed usually through the skin,  the kidneys,  the liver,  the colon, and the lungs.

Opposites Attract
Negatively charged SEA botanicals (in skin care or the ocean) attract positively charged toxins underneath the skin and pulls them out like a magnet.   Your skin is your largest detoxifying organ  of the body. 

Chlorella (Algae)-has the highest content of chlorophyll of any known plant on earth. It is extremely high in enzymes, vitamins and minerals, including the full vitamin-B Complex.   It can cross the blood brain barrier and can remove mercury, cadmium other toxic metals from the brain.   ARBONNE products that contain Chlorella  include Figure 8 Vanish Water Relief Treatment Serum,  Sea Source Detox Spa Renewing Body Gelee,   Sea Source  Detox Spa Sea Mud Face & Body Mask,  Arbonne Essentials 7 Day Body Cleanse.   These can be obtained from my web site:

The liver is the largest internal detoxifying organ,  and  carries out over 5,000 biochemical functions.   The liver  filters out toxins and chemically converts them so they may be eliminated safely.    If your liver takes in more toxins than it can eliminate,  it starts to malfunction  and causes  a variety of symptoms.

If you have a difficult time ridding yourself of toxins you will have a difficult time losing weight,   as excess body fat is synonymous with liver disorders.   Research from the University of Occupational and Environmental Health in Kitakyushu,  Japan, indicated that obesity is more closely related to liver dysfunction than to any other abnormality.

A 15 week study by Laval University in Quebec discovered that environmental pollutants increased in the blood by as much as 23% during weight loss.  The pollutants are released by  the fat cells as the fat is metabolized.

Life styles changes will help to eliminate toxins.   Drink more pure water,  eat more fresh vegetables,   taking a good vitamin (Arbonne Essentials),  and  using the  7 Day Detox System  monthly  initially and then every 3 months  helps immensely.    The reason why having more fresh veggies in your diet with fewer processed foods is that there are fewer toxins  in fresh raw foods,  followed by steamed, poached or boiled foods.   The foods highest  in toxic inflammatory particles  is in foods that have  been subjected to prolonged high heat–frying,  grilling, baking, roasting  or broiling.  These toxic particles then increase the inflammation in the body.   Plus the meats and proteins themselves contribute to more inflammation in the body.   These toxic particles caused by high heat  are called advanced glycation end products  (or AGE’s).   The standard American diet is very high  in AGE’s.  Other foods that are high in AGE’s are fast foods,  processed foods,  carbonated beverages.  By adding more fresh fruits,  vegetables, and whole grain/legumes/ beans  and having them in as raw a state as possible is best for your health.

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