Why do we need supplements?

Most of the food sold that has been processed  has significantly less nutritional value than fresh fruits and vegetables,  but even  they have less nutritional value than the fruits and vegetables of  50-60 years ago.  GMO foods   are bred for their appearance and not  necessarily for the nutritional  value.   In  addition,  people’s  diets  tend to be filled  with a  lot of non-nutritive  foods  that do not support one’s  health.    For  example,  people generally do not  get sufficient Vitamin D, C, E,  magnesium, Vit K2, Omega 3′s, or B vitamins in the diet.     Also, many medications  that people take interfere with the absorption of many key vitamins and minerals contributing to the  increase risk of osteoporosis,  heart disease ,  gastrointestinal  bacterial  imbalances,  Alzheimer’s, hormonal imbalances  (such as thyroid problems),  and adrenal dysfunction.  The  FDA recommended dosage of vitamins in most over-the counter supplements is the bare  minimum for prevention of a few illnesses, but does not deal with ideal levels of these key vitamins, minerals,  and nutrients.

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